Introducing M. Mack

Photo of Maria Anna ZazzarinoI recently read M. Mack’s chapbook MINE, a collection made up of scraps borrowed from a cable TV shopping channel, and I was struck by hir ability to transform the most artificial of formulas into lyrical pieces that are at once estranging, funny, and intimate. As in hir previous work, Mack implodes gender and genre categories to imagine avenues for bodily and literary reconfiguration as we navigate the incessant calls for conformity that flood our mediated realities. I am thrilled to see Mack expand the limits of the possible at Delta Mouth, this time without the page or the screen in between. Maria Anna Zazzarino, Community Engagement Coordinator

M. Mack is a genderqueer poet, editor, and fiber artist in Virginia. Ze is the author of Theater of Parts and the chapbooks Mine, Imaginary Kansas, and Traveling. Hir work has appeared in cream city review, Cloud Rodeo, Rogue Agent, Menacing Hedge, and The Queer South. Mack is a founding coeditor of Gazing Grain Press, an assistant editor for Cider Press Review, and the monster maker behind What is Reality Plushies.

M. will be reading at our first night of Delta Mouth 2018! Come see hir on Friday April 6th at 7pm in the Art & Design Auditorium Room 103 (LSU Campus). See our full schedule here.