Introducing Siaara Freeman

Photo of Monterica NeilAs a queer Black woman writing my way through life, it’s going to be an absolute joy to engage with Siaara Freeman’s work off the page, up-close and personal. Siaara Freeman also moves through life as a writer. Her work gives voice to emotions I’ve yet to name, about my own coming-of-age in a life and neighborhood ravaged by the consequences of poverty, and about the loss of my seventeen-year-old brother who tried desperately to free himself from the bounds of inferiority: “What do you call a girl who has been haunted more years / than she has not?…Do you know how hard it is to protect a ghost? / Do you know how hard it is for a ghost to protect a girl?” Everyone I grew up with—dead, alive, caught somewhere in between—needs to hear Siaara read, but since I can’t bring the entire community of North Memphis to Delta Mouth, I will listen for us all. Monterica Sade Neil, Outreach

Photo of Siaara FreemanSiaara Freeman is from Cleveland Ohio. She’s been published in Glass, Pinch, Texas Borderline Review, Black Napkin Press, and the Bettering American Poetry anthology. She has toured internationally, been twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize, and named a finalist for the 2017 Button Poetry chapbook contest. Siaara is a four-year PinkDoor Fellow, co-coach of the 2017 BNV Detroit team, founder of Wusgood.Black, and a reader for Tinderbox.


Siaara will be performing our first night of Delta Mouth 2018! Come see her on Friday April 6th at 7pm in the Art & Design Auditorium Room 103 (LSU Campus). See our full schedule here.

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